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The Door

It started when Dant was created. He has self-awareness. When the designer is resting, Dant travels in the electronic world with his own consciousness. No one noticed that he suddenly disappeared from the designer's computer screen.

Dant found an ancient wooden door in the electronic world, and his curiosity prompted him to push the door open. A breeze that does not belong to the inorganic electronic world blows on him. Inside the gate are small streams, grasslands and trees, which is a mysterious forest.

Dant sat on the rock next to the creek, feeling the breeze and sunshine. Suddenly a gust of wind blew by, and Dant turned his head over. Then a huge shadow stumbled towards the ancient wooden door. Dant was worried that the wooden door would be damaged by this mysterious creature, and he quickly got up and looked in the direction of the door. Something strange happened. The door was gone!

Dant hurriedly looked up. The shadow turned out to be a fishskeleton floating in the sky! The thorns on its back seem to have taken a piece of cloth away. Oh no! That's not cloth, that's the old wooden door! Dant can't go home by same way.



Dant followed the direction where the fish bones disappeared, walking on a deep forest. The colour of the forest becomes whiter as he go, until later the surrounding trees are all white. Dant noticed that these trees were strange. They have thick trunks but no leaves. Instead, they have curly bark. At the same time, what Dant didn't notice was that there were many transparent spider webs at the root of the tree. Oops, one of Dant's hands was tangled in a spider web! !


Dant was trapped, it is difficult for him to escape the spider trap! Then, those trees seem to be approaching! Dant's mentality is extremely alert, that's an alarm when his life is threatened. What should it do?

During the struggle, a lighter fell from Dant's pocket. Thankfully, he’s creator gave it some props when creating Dant. Dant used a lighter with his other hand to burn the web on his body. However, he can't keep holding a lighter through this dangerous wood. He is temporarily safe.


Dant decided to climb to the top of the tree. It used a lighter to burn the spider web under a tree, slowly climbed to the top of the tree with the help of the curved bark. Fortunately, there was no other threat during this period. Dant reached the top of the tree smoothly. The top of the tree looked like a plane cut by a knife, and there was still a small amount of water inside. This is a white forest of spider trees.Dant found a shiny gold coin in the small pond at the top of the tree. Dant collected the gold coin and put it in his pocket.

The ground seemed to have an earthquake. Dant fell into the small pond. The fishbone monster in the distance rushed out of the spider forest with brute force and flew north. Dant waited for the ground not to shake and moved forward between the tops of the trees in the direction where the fishbone had left. It must find that door back!

Finally, Dant passed through the spider forest. But in front is a huge rive. The water looks very clear, and there seems to be a huge tree trunk in the rive.

Dant consider the rive. It is impossible swim to the other side anyway. What's more, the rive always gives Dant a feeling that "it is a living creature". It would be great if there was a boat. As if responding to Dant's thoughts, a small boat appeared on the lake with a ferryman on board. Dant can't see the face of the ferryman because he wears sunglasses and has a bandage on his face. He hoped that Dant would give him a gold coin as a reward for crossing the rive.

Dant remembered that he had picked up a gold coin in the spidertree forest, and he looked for the gold coin in his pocket. After finding the coin it was handed to the ferryman. The ferryman carefully observed the gold coins and let Dant board the boat. When the boat reached the middle of the rive, the surface of the lake suddenly became like the sea in a storm. The boat creaked. Dant became nervous.

After the ferryman comforted Dant, he lifted the entire boat out of the lake and it floated in the sky. Then a huge jellytree appeared from the lake. It approached the boat, looked at Dant and then at the ferryman. The ferryman make a bow. The huge jellytree waved its tentacles and returned to the lake. Then the lake became calm, and Dant reached the other side unscathed. After bidding farewell to the ferryman, Dant continued on his journey to find fishskeleton.

Finally, Dant passed through a bush and there was a vast meadow. In the distance there seemed to be a dark shadow swinging back and forth with the wind. It's that old wooden door! Dant happily rushed over and picked up the "Wooden Door Cloth". Then Dant found that there was a small fishskeleton creature under the cloth. Fishskeleton was dying, it is afraid of the sun.

Dant discovered the fishskeleton and re-wrapped the small fishskeleton in cloth and led it away. Dant hopes to find a place where there is no sunlight to help the poor fishskeleton.

Dant found a shady cave out of  the sunlight. Dant put the fishskeleton in the cave, and he excitedly opened the old wooden door that turned into a piece of cloth. However, Dant found that there was a hole in the door. Dant was very upset. He still far away home .

As night fell, Dant stared at the starry sky and emptied his brain. Suddenly something touched he , when he looked back, it was a small fishskeleton that had regained its vitality. Dant touched the little fishskeleton. The little fishskeleton looked at the cloth pierced by his thorn, and then at Dant, his little light flashed as if he had an idea. Fishskeleton suddenly rushed out of the cave, When Dant reacted, the fishskeleton had disappeared.

Dant looked at the empty cave and looked even more lost. He sat on the ground in a daze.

After a while, the wind rushed towards the cave with a gleaming. Dant blinked. It's fishskeleton! It's back? The small fishskeleton returned to the cave with many spider silks wrapped around its tail. It swam to the front of Dant and detached a fishbone from his skeleton. He gestured to Dant with his tail again. Then Dant started his sewing work.

With the help of the small fishskeleton, Dant successfully restored the wooden door early in the morning. Dant threw the cloth into the sky, and the old wooden door reappeared in front of him. He can go home.

Dant touched the small fishskeleton with his hand. The small fishskeleton held the detached thorn and placed it in Dant's hand. Dant hugged the fishskeleton again and pinned the thorn to his clothes. Then he stepped through the door.

In the early morning, the designer's computer flashed in blue, and Dant reappeared on the screen, with a fishbone decoration on his clothes.


The End.

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