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Dant, the protagonist of this story, is a digital character. He arrives in a real mysterious forest but as the story progresses, he had to follow a terrible  shadow into the forest...
Dant was inspired by Blacknose sheep and slime. Black 'hands' actually is his hair but these hairs can be as flexible as hands.


Fishskeleton, afraid of the sunlight. Due to Fishskeleton accidentally  taking away the ancient wooden door in the mysterious forest, Dant had to follow fishskeleton through some dangerous places...
Fishskeleton was inspired by a sentence in Fortress Besieged  by Qian Zhongshu "The viciousness of loyal and honest people, like the grit in the rice or the fishbone in the fish fillet, will give people an unexpected pain."


The mysterious ferryman, wearing sunglasses and bandages on his face, we can't see his face clearly. Ferryman has a pair of dragonfly wings. He provided help to Dant, but needed a gold coin as a reward.


A tree with twisted bark and a web like spider silk growing on the bottom of the tree. It is difficult to escape if you are accidentally entangled in a spider web.


Jellytree, a creature that lives underwater, has a hard shell and soft tentacles. It is often hidden in the water and disguised as a tree trunk. It will attack all creatures except those on the ferry boat.

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